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Yes, it's true, I actually did stuff to my page. I changed the name. I did other stuff. As you can see, I don't like to give specifics. By the way, with tripod's format I can only have a couple pictures, (not true anymore!! as Spoon1 once said, real men do not play by the rules! I'll create a gallery page!! ha, damned fools at tripod, thinking they can keep me constricted, they can't!!!!!!!) Anyway, I'd put them together into one, but my only graphics editor is Microsoft paint which can't write or edit GIFs. If you feel you MUST look at nerf weapons, (Ah, the luxury!!)you may visit my gallery site. On it are respectively, Bow n' Arrow, Rototrack, Chainblazer, Manta Ray (what, you think I'm going in order? Neatness, begone!!) Sharpshooter II, and Secret Shot.

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WARNING!!WARNING!!This is NOT a beginners nerf page. It is concentrated on the more fine points of nerfing. It will NOT post ratings, cost, ammo capacity, ammo type, just views. If you need these things, go to another page, like Stefan's or Spoon's (DIE HARD...) I am not implying that they are beginners, just that their pages are large enough to include those things.


Though the oldest of the nerf weapons, this weapon is actually pretty good. I think that (with a certain amount of sawing etc.) it is the 2nd best sniper weapon, next to the fully modified crossbow. Ifyou take a hacksaw, or basically, any large serrated blade, and cut off the last 3/4 of an inch or so of the barrel, you will get about 5 or 10 feet better range. Also, cut off both pink "bows" leaving 1 hole on the top one for a strap, it is much easier to carry. I found out another part of the mod today, after I sent it to Spoon (proud author of the DIE HARD NERF WARRIOR page)which is to add a rubber band or two going from just above the nub on the firing handle to the top of the other. It only works if the nub of the handle is down, though. This mod only adds another couple of feet to the max range.

THE ROTO-TRACK The roto-track I consider the best chain gun ever made. As you should know, many people swear by the chainblazer. Though the chainblazer is an awesome weapon, nerf has improved on it. The roto- track is essentially the same thing, except that it A, comes with a 12-dart chain, with a practical limit of 15 or 20, B, that the chain locks into the gun to bring the jam rate to 0, C, that it straps onto your arm, and D, that it's range is a couple feet less.

THE CHAINBLAZER The Chainblazer I now know, since I just got it, has some advantages over the Roto-track. A good one is that there is no strap on your arm, and it isn't so big and cumbersome. Also, it has a longer range. Then again, there is the jam problem, because of the chain, but it isn't hardly as bad as that of the sawtooth or the razorbeast.

THE SHARPSHOOTER II This gun is average without modification. It has a range of about twenty feet- unmodified. I'm cheap, so I didn't do anything to it except put on a rubber band. And take off the stupid ammo holder. I really can't say anything except that I want an autogrip. The sharpshooter is merely too big for a sidearm.

THE SECRET SHOT I am considering using this gun as my main sidearm, because it is just about as good as the unmodified Sharpshooter II and smaller. Plus, I made a holster for it out of a wire hanger. The only other thing I did for it was cut off the ammo holder and the end of the handle. That way I can put cut down large darts in it. Also it was chewed up by some kid's dog and it hurt my hand.

THE MANTA RAY I really don't know what to say about the manta ray. It has a great fear factor, is very sturdy, and with 4 darts to shoot, it's hard to miss. Then again, if you are low on ammo and shoot only 1 or 2 darts, it can miss. The barrels are angled to meet at a given point. If only the left barrel is fired (a little known fact about the manta ray-this is possible.) you don't have very good accuracy. The range on this gun is pretty darn good, and the semi-auto feature is helpful in that you don't always have to reload after you shoot.

THE RATTLER Um, I'm sorry, this gun sucks. That's actually not really true. It has good range, about 40 feet, but it's firing mechanism leaves something to be desired. If you fire it, you end up tilting the gun so that it's pointing into the air. It was pretty expensive, too. If you want a nerf gun, take your 18$ and go buy a sharpshooter.

THE SAWTOOTH This gun too sucks. It's max range is 20 feet, which, for a large rifle, is unacceptable. That is, if it fires at all. Once, trying to convince my friend that it jams too much, I fired ten darts, not double cocking or anything. Four exited the barrel. Of the six that "flew", 3 went further than five feet. This gun just jams too much. A different friend bought one also, and during a nerf war, he had a sawtooth, I had a sharpshooter II. Of course, He tried to shoot me, I danced around him, carefully staying out of his five-foot circle of death. Finally I got tired, and plugged him. PROOF that a sawtooth isn't worth **** (choose your four letter word)

THE RIPSAW Don't ask. Fine, ask. It sucks. With rotating balls, the rotation throws the course off, and they don't fly straight. Also, if you have to make a chainsaw noise every time you shoot it, do you think a sniper would like it? I'm a sniper. IT SUCKS. And again, with a low ammo load (3), you can't even have a couple of shots to hit. Like you could hit anything with it.

THE ARROWSTORM The arrowstorm, if used properly, is basically the ultimate weapon made by nerf. It's pretty dang nice. Unfortunately, it has a high jam rate. And it's easily breakable. It's firing track design, while giving you rapid firing, makes it easily prone to breakage. I don't know if this applies to all arrowstorms, but I got two, and on both, it jammed every third time. When it jammed, the problem was that the barrels wouldn't revolve. So you had to pull the firing handle back a ways and then rotate the barrels manually. Far to much to do during a war. Again, I don't know if it applies to every weapon, because there was only one in the shop when I bought the second one, and it may or been previously returned.

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